Appearing in the documentary:
  • Steve Buffery - Toronto Sun - Sports Journalist
  • Lara Cubbit - Former Boxer
  • Bob Mackin Jr.  Vancouver Courier - Journalist
  • Manny Sobral - Former boxer Canadian National Team, and owner
  • Mike Strange - Former boxer Canadian National Team and current Niagra Falls City Council
  • Al Arsenault - Retired officer from the Vancouver Police Department, creator of 'Tears for April' documentary about Vancouver's Downtown Eastside.
  • Monina Bie - Geronimo's mother.
  • AND MORE...

About the Director:
  • Albert is filmmaker and artist from Vancouver, Canada. Having previously worked as an Animator in the local television animation and video game industry, he owns and operates Albert Art Creative and Other Side Films a production company. He produces short form video content, marketing and advertising.
  • His previous work includes 'Vancouver in 2010' a short film about the changing landscape of Vancouver as the city prepared for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.
  • His interest in comics social issues led Albert to create The Homeless Quatchi Project, and Homeless Quatchi & Friends webcomic. A satirical parody on the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic mascots.  

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